The Market District Ambassadors work to create a clean, safe & welcoming Market District.

Clean & Safe Services


  • Clean up litter, cigarette butts, leaves, gum and other waste to keep sidewalks and public spaces neat and attractive.
  • Empty public trash receptacles along the sidewalk and in Market Square Park.
  • Remove graffiti, decals, flyers, paint, posters and stickers from public spaces.
  • Wipe surfaces like trash cans and benches to remove dust and grime.
  • Straighten fixtures like news boxes and trash cans.


  • Patrol the district, acting as the eyes and ears for police. On duty until midnight at the latest, Ambassadors follow a preset schedule and make regular stops by businesses on their route to gather and share security-related information and concerns.
  • Provide free safety escorts within the district. Ambassadors will walk you to your car, escort you to a business, or wait with you at the bus stop until the bus arrives. To request a safety escort, call 216.241.4949.


  • Interact with visitors in the neighborhood by providing directions, restaurant recommendations, and even umbrella escorts when it’s raining.
  • Provide motor vehicle assistance including changing a flat tire, jumping a dead battery, or helping drivers who have locked their keys in the car.
  • Check-in with businesses on a regular basis.
  • Serve as a friendly, welcoming face in the neighborhood.


  • Ambassadors carry two-way radios to reach one of our Peace Officers – off-duty Cleveland Police officers who can provide supplementary security. The Peace Officer on duty patrols in a marked Downtown Cleveland Alliance vehicle as a very visible presence to promote safety, and can issue citations or make arrests if necessary. The Peace Officer keeps in direct contact with the Cleveland Police Department at all times.


  • Safety Ambassadors are trained to interact with the homeless. They can call on the on-staff Social Service Representative, a trained social work professional, who can work one-on-one with individuals in need. The service has helped scores of people in need to make connections with local outreach programs.
  • OCIC contracts with Downtown Cleveland Alliance and Block by Block to employ ambassadors in the district. Ambassadors are on the streets various days between 7:00am and midnight, seven days per week.

           Please click the links below to view our monthly reports to learn what our Ambassadors do each and every day to keep the district clean and safe.


Additional Programs


  • Investments in the public realm that include maintenance of Market Square Park, sidewalk planters, and other enhancements in Ohio City’s public spaces.
  • Removal of snow on the sidewalks throughout the entire district.
  • Off-duty police officers to patrol the district and provide safety escorts from midnight until 3am.


  • Removal of snow on the sidewalks throughout the entire district. 


  • Off-duty police officers to patrol the district and provide safety escorts from midnight until 3am.



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