Studio to the Street - Day 2

Saturday, 10.12.19 -
08:30am to 03:30pm
Mount Pleasant NOW, 13815 Kinsman Road

Calling all artists and creative people! LAND Studio is hosting a free public art workshop focused on making the leap from studio artist to public artist.
This two-day workshop will feature expert advice from local artists, art administrators, and curators, an open portfolio review, and a featured visiting public artist.   
Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao of Chiaozza will be the national guest public artists for this workshop! There will also be a variety of outstanding local artists
and experts. On day two, local artists will go into depth on a variety of subjects, participate in an artist panel and Q & A session, and conduct a portfolio review
for interested workshop participants.  

Space is limited, and registration is required by clicking on Registration.

For more information e-mail LAND Studio at INFO@LAND-STUDIO.ORG or call 216.624.5413