Walk Around SPACES

Saturday, 03.07.20 -
02:00pm to 04:00pm
SPACES, 2900 Detroit Ave

“This is When the Ice Sheet Ended”

During her residency, Katarina Jerinic will explore Cleveland as the site of a melted glacier and a contemporary climate event, connecting the city’s past and present with the deep time of the last ice age. Jerinic invites residents of Hingetown, Ohio City and elsewhere to join her on a series of walks to explore the streets surrounding SPACES and layer their own experiences of the neighborhood with traces of the post-glacial landscape—from Lake Erie to the bricks and stones used to build the city. From these walks, a collaboratively-created map of the area will be distributed for free during her upcoming exhibition, placing Cleveland in geologic time and space.

These 2-hour workshops are FREE and will begin and end at SPACES. Each will include about an hour and a half of walking, so please wear comfortable shoes and weather appropriate attire. The walk will conclude at SPACES where we will talk with Jerinic, partaking in hot cocoa and snacks!!

Participants are welcome to join Jerinic on one or both walks as each walk will explore a different part of the neighborhoods surrounding SPACES. Visit the event page for more information.