Neighborhood Zoning

Ohio City Incorporated’s 2014-1016 strategic plan concentrated on facilitating smart, family-friendly growth as the neighborhood moves forward.  In our strategic plan we set a goal to revisit the zoning code in light of Ohio City’s historical context as well as the future of the growing neighborhood.

OCI began working with the Cleveland City Planning Commission in late 2015 to facilitate a process around rezoning the neighborhood.  Since then, a community process has ensued with multiple block club, resident, and public meetings.  The next public meeting will be August 31st from 3-7 p.m. at Urban Community School, 4909 Lorain Avenue.  Updated versions of the rezoning proposal are being posted to the OCI website as revisions occur, to allow for informed and thoughtful discussion.At the conclusion of the community process, the resulting rezoning proposal will move on to the official City of Cleveland public process, which requires approvals from the Planning Commission and City Council before becoming law.  Official notices will be sent to all affected property owners by the City of Cleveland, and OCI will assist by notifying stakeholders through our traditional channels.  If you have questions, please contact Ben Trimble at or 216-781-3222 x105.

Links to pertinent information about Ohio City rezoning: 

Ohio City Rezoning Proposal Updated 4/6/16 

Letter to neighborhood stakeholders outlining outreach process around rezoning

Map of Zoning Changes Updated 5/3/16

Map of Existing Zoning