Julia Sieck

    Why Ohio City? I had several friends who rented in Ohio City and found myself spending a lot of time in the area. WhenI decided to buy a home, I wanted to be somewhere with an active entertainment scene that was still very community centric. It was also important to me that I invest in Cleveland. I wanted to find a place where I felt like I could contribute to the revitalization of Cleveland proper.

    What is your favorite season in Ohio City? My favorite season in Ohio City is the summer. There are so many festivals in the area and we can take advantage of the real walkability of our neighborhood. All summer my husband and I walk to baseball games, concerts, and neighborhood patios. I also enjoy gardening in our back yard.

    In your opinion, what is a best kept secret about Ohio City? The best kept secret is probably the neighborhood, though it's starting to get more notoriety. Ohio City residents are very proud and, as a result, there is a tremendous amount of resident activism. I think we get a lot of press for the bar scene and people don't always see past W. 25th. There are residents who have lived here over 50 years next to new-to-Cleveland families with small children. I think the real heart of Ohio City can be seen at block club meetings. There is no greater focus on the people in this area than at those meetings and every person involved wants to have a voice in making sure their neighborhood is as good as it can be.

    Favorite West Side Market Stands? My favorite stands at the West Side Market are:

      La Basketeria (great produce, often locally sourced)
      The Cheese Shop (you can try anything and they're super helpful. Lisa is happy to help us discover something we haven't tried, even on a busy Saturday)
      Maha's (seriously the best falafel in town)

      Favorite Ohio City traditions? I love anything that closes Market Ave on a Saturday. There is no end to the number of great events that happen on that little strip.

      Involvement in the Community: The best way I've found to really get involved is through block club. I became block club president a year ago and it's one of those things where you really get out of it whatever you're willing to put into it. There's no end to the opportunities that exist within the block club. I'm able to help individuals find the resources they need, encourage others to share their ideas, and help organize (then voice) the opinion of the group when something directly impacts our area of Ohio City. I've seen first-hand how much people care about this neighborhood and know that when they disagree, it's only because everyone wants Ohio City to be its best. I feel lucky to be able to participate in that dialog regularly.