Ohio City Incorporated is the community development corporation responsible preserving, promoting and developing the Ohio City neighborhood

What We Do

Recently, Ohio City Incorporated has begun experimenting with new forms of neighborhood empowerment through social entrepreneurship, network-building, and asset-based economic development. In a largely residential neighborhood such as Ohio City, economic and real estate development are simply not enough to ensure a high quality of life for all its residents. Therefore, Ohio City Incorporated offers additional programming and activities that give residents access to a diverse community with high quality schools, libraries, medical care, adequate and affordable housing, healthy food options, arts, culture, and entertainment.

Explore a list of projects and services prioritizes by OCI:

  • Launch Lorain
  • Near West Recreation
  • Ohio City Dialogues
  • Ohio City Farm & Farm Stand
  • Resident Support
  • Volunteer Days
  • Block Club Support
  • Residential Real Estate Assistance
  • Commercial Real Estate Assistance – Small Business Development Program
  • Storefront Renovation
  • Economic Development
    Infrastructure & Planning
  • Market District Improvement Corporation
  • Ohio City Events & Programming
  • Marketing