The OCIC board, made up of residents and property owners in the District, oversees the Special Improvement District.

Ohio City Improvement Corporation

Ohio City Improvement Corporation (OCIC) is a Special Improvement District (SID) that was created in 2012 to provide cleaning, maintenance, and safety services in Ohio City through the employment of Block by Block Ambassadors. 

The OCIC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization funded by property owners in the District through assessments that are paid bi-annually via their property taxes. These investments are leveraged to create a clean, safe, and welcoming District. 

In 2019, OCIC renewed the SID for five years. The 2020-2024 cycle includes expanded boundries along Lorain Avenue and Detroit Avenue and provides additional services and began in Spring of 2020 with a $570,000 annual budget.

How are the properties assessed?
Properties are assessed using a hybrid formula that includes both a value-based assessment (35% of the assessment) and a frontage based assessment (65% of the assessment). Per SID regulations in the Ohio Revised Code, faith based and municipal property is exempt. No other properties are exempt. The formula is applied to the property values at the time the SID is passed and is constant for the five years of the authorized assessment period.


2020-2024 Administrative Documents

Petition Part 1 / Part 2
List of Property Owners
Articles of Incorporation 
Comprehensive Services Plan


Board of Directors

The Ohio City Improvement Corporation's Board is a twelve member Board including ten elected seats made up of property owners and residents in the District and two appointed seats - one appointed by the District's City of Cleveland Councilmember and one by the Mayor.

Board meetings are held three times a year, based on the Board Chair’s availability. This year's board meetings will be held in April, July, and October.

Meetings take place at 4:00 p.m. at Ohio City Incorporated, 3308 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio unless announced otherwise. 

Meetings are open to the public, but please let us know beforehand if you plan to attend so we can accommodate you. Please email Special Improvement District Manager Michaela Lowery at

Board Members:

Mike Dostal, Chair
District Capital
Property Owner

Mark Raymond, Vice Chair
The Cleveland Hostel
Business & Property Owner & Resident

Dan Whalen
INTRO Cleveland
Property Owner

Graham Veysey
Property Owner & Resident

Peter Snavely Jr
Snavely Group
Property Owner

Sam McNulty
Bright Side, Bird of Paradise, Market Garden Brewery, and Nano Brew
Property & Business Owner

Paul Vogelsang
Resident & Property Owner

John Gill
St. Ignatius High School
Property Owner

Terri Smucny
Council Appointment
Resident & Property Owner

Chris Rodriguez
Lutheran Hospital – Cleveland Clinic
Property Owner

Jake Taylor
Urban Community School
Property Owner

Matt Moss
Mayoral Appointment
City of Cleveland