Ohio City Improvement Corporation Appoints Michaela Lowery SID Manager

Michaela Lowery, Special Improvement District Manager

Ohio City Improvement Corporation recently received funding for the Special Improvement District. Amidst this funding renewal a new employee, Michaele Lowery, has been brought on to manage the SID.


Michaela is a highly skilled individual from Cincinnati with a passion for community progress and togetherness. She is a two time alumna of Cleveland State University earning a (BA. Public Safety Management '17) and (Ma. Public Administration '19) and is an amazing addition to the OCI and OCIC staff team!

The SID is a great tool to enhance the economic growth of the Ohio City neighborhood. The SID leverages investments made by property owners in the area of Ohio City surrounding its three corridors.

These three corridors consist of West 25th Street, Detroit Avenue, and Lorain Avenue, and are patrolled by safety ambassadors.

 We asked Michaela to share her thoughts on her appointment, and anything she wanted to share with residents. Here's how she responded!


Q: What feelings do you have toward your appointment?

Michaela: "I am excited! I believe this will be a great opportunity for me to learn as a young professional entering the work force. Prior to my appointment as SID manager I interned at Cleveland Neighborhood Progress... Where I learned so much about the non-profit world. This in return helped spur my interest in beautification efforts specifically in the Ohio City neighborhood."


Q: Do you have an special messages for residents?

Michaela: "Please feel free to reach out to me, my email is always available. I will do my best to meet the needs of those who live and work within the SID boundaries. It is my hope that a lot of great things will come out of the newly expanded SID boundaries and that, with your help, we will shine light on targeted areas that typically are not reached or areas that would like to receive more recognition.