Ohio City Orgs Partner to Fight COVID-19 with Restrooms Program Round 2

In the beginning of April, OCI, in partnership with Campus District Inc., the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and NEOCH, with funding from The Covid-19 Rapid Response fund, United Way of Greater Cleveland, and the Sisters of Charity Foundation, placed 10 portable toilets at sites located in Ohio City and the Downtown area.


These units are part of a the ongoing efforts to slow the spread of COIVD-19, and will provide a place for anyone in need of a restroom facility to use the restroom in a sanitary way. Each unit has a sink inside the unit for handwashing, and will be cleaned, sanitized, and sterilized on a daily basis. This initial phase of the program represents $60,000 of foundation support to provide safe and sanitary facilities for marginalized populations. The units have been temporarily removed, as we find a way to move forward and make some small changes to the program.


We are hoping to have the units back out as soon as possible, and hope to continue to have them out until at least the end of August. The new program will expand to include an additional unit, external handwashing units, and trash receptacles as needed. The second phase of the program is being made possible through a $100,000 CDBG grant from the City of Cleveland.


Keep an eye out for these portable units to come back around and keep our city healthier and happier!