Ohio City Flags

As many of us know, Ohio City was once its own municipality, incorporating in 1836 before eventually being annexed by the City of Cleveland in 1854. In 1983, in an effort to boost neighborhood pride, residents John Nosek and Leon Stevens designed the Ohio City Flag based on the original corporate seal of the independent Ohio City. To this day the iconic Ohio City flag remains one of the few official sub-municipal flags in the country and represents an unmatched passion of the community so many people love to call home.

The proceeds of every flag helps to support the work of Ohio City Incorporated, the proceeds of the Black Lives Matter Ohio City Flag are restricted to a fund for our organizations racial equity and inclusion work. We welcome people who are willing to buy a flag to support our work and have them donated to low income residents within our community. All flags include free shipping.



Flag Types
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Please note - due to demand and limited staff in office, there may be a slight lag time from payment to shipping flags.