Srinivas Merugu

Why Ohio City: I moved here when I was young and single in the early 2000s because it was beautiful, walkable, close to downtown and some of my favorite restaurants (The Flying Fig, Johnny Mango) at the time. Now, 13 years later, I still choose to live here for many of the same reasons - it’s even more beautiful, there are even more places to walk to and my favorite restaurants and breweries are still here. My personal life has changed quite a bit and the wonderful thing about Ohio City is that it still holds so many charms for me as a middle-aged guy with a family!

Favorite season in Ohio City: Spring - definitely. It brings life back not just to the flora, but also all of my friends and neighbors who have been in hibernation.

In your opinion what are some best kept secrets about Ohio City: In spite of the recent rise in popularity and population, it still remains a remarkably approachable, friendly neighborhood where I chat with at least 3-4 people each time I leave home for even a quick errand.

What are your favorite West Side Market Stands: Basketeria Produce is definitely my favorite produce stand. Before I stopped eating meat, Foster’s was my go to for goat. But, my hands down favorite is the Mediterranean Foods store that is a piece of Europe right here in my backyard.

Favorite Ohio City traditions: For several years, I was a regular at the Evening in Ohio City home tours. In the past few years, Ohio City Stages has been the event that I most look forward to. I have come to love it so much that I try to make it a point to avoid travel on Wednesdays in July lest I miss a concert. Brite Winter Fest, tapping of the Christmas Ale keg at GLBC and the Street Festival are just a few other events that bring that extra flavor to every season here.

Involvement: I live here with my family - that’s perhaps my biggest expression of commitment and love for the neighborhood. In addition to occasional attendance at block club meetings, shopping locally and (through my wife’s social media presence) staying in touch with the goings on around the neighborhood is how I remain involved in life here. In the past few months, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the OCI Community Engagement Committee. Being a part of a committee that is trying to do everything from creating summer programs for kids to organizing clean up days to engaging in environmental activism to bring our neighborhood closer together has been by far one of the most rewarding things I have done in my time living here.