Ohio City's Diversity Makes the Neighborhood a Vibrant, Dynamic Place to Live


Ohio City is one of 36 recognized neighborhoods within the city of Cleveland and is home to more than 9,200 residents. The 2010 Census data lists the Ohio City neighborhood as one of Cleveland’s most diverse, with 50% of the area being White, 34% African American, 23% Hispanic, 1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander, <1% American Indian, and 14% noted as “other.” Ohio City contains 1,200 units of public housing, with 37% of its total population living below the poverty line.

While the city of Cleveland on the whole has been experiencing a loss in population in the past several decades, Ohio City is one of only three Cleveland neighborhoods that gained population in the past ten years. Ohio City also indicated a 16% growth among ages 18–34 and 42% growth in ages 60–64.


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