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Ohio City Business Facts

  • Ohio City has over 9,000 residents, a part of the 50,000 residents living on the Near West Side of Cleveland, located 1.5 miles from the heart of Downtown and its growing population of over 10,000.
  • Ohio City has seen over $100 million in private and public investment over the last two years.
  • The Market District has over 4,000 employees making it the 3rd largest employment center in the City of Cleveland.
  • More than five million people per year pass through the Market District by public transit, making it the second busiest hub of transit in Cleveland outside of Public Square.
  • Average work days see arrivals and departures in excess of 1,400 riders at the West 25th Street Ohio City Redline Rapid Transit Station.
  • The intersection of West 25th Street and Lorain Avenue has an average daily traffic count of over 15,000 vehicles.
  • The West Side Market has over one-million visitors annually; with over ten-thousand visitors every Saturday.
  • Over 60 new businesses have opened in the last 3 years, while the commercial vacancy rate in the Market District has dropped from 35% to 2%.
  • Ohio City is home to Saint Ignatius High School, one of the Nation’s premiere parochial high schools, with over 1,400 students, many of whom utilize public transportation.

Business Assistance

Ohio City Incorporated is happy to help you find a space for your business and navigate business assistance programs offered by the City of Cleveland and Ohio City Incorporated. Find out more on our programs page or contact us directly. 

Contact: Nate Lull, Neighborhood Planning Manager, at or 216-658-3059.
For other helpful resources on opening a small business, visit our business resource page.

Ohio City Retail Policy

Ohio City Incorporated believes in order to be vibrant and walkable, the neighborhood must have businesses that provide vital services to residents. Ohio City Incorporated strives to preserve the character of the neighborhood’s commercial districts while ensuring the neighborhood has businesses and amenities that serve the different types of people who live, work and visit here. In an effort to protect the neighborhood’s existing retail uses and encourage diverse commercial districts, Ohio City Incorporated will not support the Change of Use from an established Mercantile Use, unless the property owner can prove a substantial need for the proposed new use.

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Ohio City Businesses

Ohio City is home to over 250 local businesses, 60 of which are new in the last three years.