The Market District Ambassadors are here to help! Ask them for a free escort or for information about the neighborhood.

Clean & Safe Ambassador Program

Ohio City’s Clean & Safe Ambassadors provide services that include patrolling the district, removing litter and graffiti, providing safety escorts, addressing public disturbances, homeless outreach, and greeting and assisting people in the district. 

Through the Ohio City Improvement Corporation (OCIC), a special improvement district (SID), investments by property owners in the area surrounding W. 25th Street are leveraged to create a clean, safe, and welcoming district.

Since the formation of the SID in 2012, Ambassadors have interacted with businesses and visitors more than 30,000 times, removed 350,000 pounds of trash, provided 1,500 safety escorts, and removed 4,465 instances of graffiti. Additionally, commercial vacancy rates in the district have decreased from 34% to under 2%.

The work of the OCIC stems from the conviction that great urban neighborhoods are defined by well-designed public spaces, people-filled streets and pathways, active storefronts, and an overall sense of history and discovery. Simply put, great neighborhoods have their own distinctive identity and personality. It is the visual and experiential character of Ohio City which attracts visitors, provokes a desire to stay, and brings people back time and again.

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