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As many of us know, Ohio City was once its own municipality, incorporating in 1836 before eventually being annexed by the City of Cleveland in 1854. In 1983, in an effort to boost neighborhood pride, residents John Nosek and Leon Stevens designed the Ohio City Flag based on the original corporate seal of the independent Ohio City. To this day the iconic Ohio City flag remains one of the few official sub-municipal flags in the country and represents an unmatched passion of the community so many people love to call home.

The Traditional Ohio City Flag, and the variations that have come over the years, served as the foundation for the building of our online store. With the addition of t-shirts, tickets, and other merchandise over the years, it only made sense to combine the merchandise we have into one place. Now you can visit the store, find all the Ohio City gear you have always wanted and directly support the work we do!

All of the proceeds from products sold go to support projects and initiatives that directly benefit people in the neighborhood. Some gear, like the Black Lives Matter flags will be to support specific initiatives, while others will support the organization as a whole.

As we open up new ticketed events, or get new items to sell, the store will be updated, so that you will always have a chance to support the neighborhood and Ohio City Incorporated.

Lastly, we want to make sure that all people in Ohio City can show their pride for this amazing neighborhood. We know that there are people in this neighborhood who are unable to afford the costs associated with some of the Ohio City Gear we sell. For that reason, we also allow anyone to purchase many of the items in the store and have those items donated to someone else in need. 
*Please note - we no longer have Ohio City Pride hats for sale. Thank you for all your support!

Visit the Ohio City Inc. Online Store here.

If you have any questions about the online store, or want to order something in person or on the phone - 216-781-3222 x100.

Contact lraber@ohiocity.org for more information