Bea Delpapa

Why Ohio City: We’re city people and raised our kids in a very vibrant, ethnically/economically diverse neighborhood in Denver.  After moving several times for Chuck’s (my husband) job, we spent 17 years in rural OH.  When we decided to downsize, we knew we needed to move back to the city where more services would be easily available to us.  OH City was our choice because of it’s vibrancy, diversity, and walkability.  I can walk to the bank, the grocery store, West Side Market (of course), my hair stylist, my doctor’s office, and even the library. 

Favorite season in Ohio City: Hands down – it’s springtime!  After an Ohio winter, I love the magic of seeing little crocus and primroses peeping out of the snow.  Then the explosion of daffodils, tulips, dogwood, magnolias and all the other spring blooms never cease to make me smile and cheer me up.

In your opinion what are some best kept secrets about Ohio City: Most people from other parts of the city might think of our restaurants and brew pubs when they think of Ohio City, but our best-kept secret is that we’re a real neighborhood. Our block clubs bring the residents together where they can make friends, and at the same time, learn what is happening and available in our part of town.  We do love our restaurants and the availability of food whether it’s West Side Market or the myriad of restaurants, but it’s the folks I love the most.

What are your favorite West Side Market Stands: I shop West Side Market several times a week, and it’s not only a time to get my groceries, but I love the banter and chats that I have along the way. The venders know me by name and it is a social time for us there.  My favorites??? I really don’t think I want to name my favorites, because the venders are all so hard working.  Go there and find for yourselves those folks who carry the meats and produce that you like best.  

Favorite Ohio City traditions: There are activities here for all ages; I guess my favorite tradition walking to Mitchell’s on a hot summer night and having a nice scoop of their yummy ice cream.

Involvement: Every spring folks from Ohio City businesses, agencies and neighborhood come together and plant new flowers and bushes in Market Square Park.  I usually help with that.  For the past 4 years, I have volunteered a few afternoons a month at Dunbar Elementary School helping 1st and 2nd graders with their reading.  I’m a community member on a committee at Lutheran Hospital that strives to track and reduce the number of patient falls within the hospital.