Jerry Elias Peña

Why Ohio City: Ohio City is special to me, my wife was born and raised on West 37th Street and as a teenager my family and I lived above the Borincana market on Fulton Avenue. I have many great memories in Ohio City and continue to make memories here, no other place I want to live in the city.

Favorite season in Ohio City: I personally like the summer season, the hustle and bustle in Ohio City is electrifying. From the bikers and runners trying their best to stay healthy, to the folks at the Westside market petteling their goods during the summer months.

In your opinion what are some best kept secrets about Ohio City: The wonderful people who have lived in Ohio City forn years before it became so mainstream like my in-laws. My in-laws purchased their home in Ohio City way back in 1975 for about $7k dollars and have seen the neoghborhood go from so many transitions. To me that is the best-kept secret, the people who have helped shape and mold this slice of Cleveland and continue to call it home.

What are your favorite West Side Market Stands: I personally like the fruit stands, so many kinds of fruits and vegetables that it overwhelmes my senses everytime I visit in a good way!

Favorite Ohio City traditions: I love Christmas in Ohio City, the way folks decorate their homes and the feeling of the holiday.

Involvement:  I have worked for several organizations who do work in Ohio City, most recently I worked for Neighborhood Connections. NC has given out millions of dollars throughout the years to resident groups in Cleveland who want to better their neighborhoods, Ohio City residents have been a part of these resources. I have also advocated for residents who feel like they are loosing their voice in Ohio City, while development and growth has been great for some, for others it is a reminder on how the neighborhood has changed and how we must preserve it for all.