Katherine Thorpe

Why Ohio City: I chose to live here because of my father. He had moved into Riverview and needed my support. I stayed after he died because my children grew to love the area and the traditions we had created. 

Favorite season in Ohio City: Fall is my favorite. I love taking my two boys trick or treating. It reminds me of the community experience I enjoyed in California. 

In your opinion what are some best kept secrets about Ohio City: Wow that is a hard one to answer. Joyful Noise music school comes to mind, as it was the last thing for my family to discover. I love the community as a whole and imagine being here until all my children graduate from high school at the very least. 

What are your favorite West Side Market Stands: Narrin's is by far my favorite. I get everything I need from her except produce. 

Favorite Ohio City traditions: Open Streets and Ohio City Games. My children love Station Hope, as they are active participants in Cleveland Public Theatre productions. 

Involvement: If I know about ANY event I will be there with my children. I am actively working to bridge the gap in community offerings to low income residents of Lakeview and Riverview as I have experience living in Lakeview and appreciating all of Ohio City's free and low cost activities. I want others to known and appreciate the community as much as my family so as to relieve any tensions or animosity between all residents within close proximity.