Patrick Kearns

Why Ohio City: My wife and I lived overseas for 15 years before moving back to the US and taking a job in Cleveland in 2016. We were looking for a neighborhood that was diverse, eclectic and accessible. Ohio City has all of these qualities and it keeps getting better.  On top of this we both work in Ohio City meaning that we can walk to work and come home for lunch. 

Favorite season in Ohio City: The last days of spring are my favorite.  As a part of the organization I head up, we operate the Ohio City Farm, and in my opinion there is no place more beautiful and chilled out that a spring night on the farm overlooking the city. 

In your opinion what are some best kept secrets about Ohio City: I have to say the absolute best kept secret is the Ohio City Farm, given that I meet so many residents who see the farm for the first time and are shocked that it is there.  I must say, I love a sneaky single serve rib or two at Thomas Ohio City Beverages, and seeing a barge come down the Cuyahoga and under the Columbus bridge, still makes me insanely happy.  Also Train Ave, to the Lake Link in Tremont and then to the defunct River Road under the Detroit Superior Bridge is a great running route.

What are your favorite West Side Market Stands: Urban Herbs, the West Side Market Café, and Pinzone Meats, but not necessarily in that order. 

Favorite Ohio City traditions: St. Paddy’s Day at Great Lakes Brewing Company, the Ohio City Street Festival and anything that Mason’s Creamery ever does.

Involvement: I am a resident, the director of the Refugee Response and the Ohio City Farm, both based in the neighborhood, and I am trying to be a more consistent member of my Block Club.