Ohio City Small Grant Program

Encouraging collaboration and empowering residents are goals that Ohio City Incorporated is always working towards. This year, we are launching a Small Grant Program to support resident-led projects and activities that build community and engage new people. By launching this program, we aim to encourage welcoming and inclusive spaces, create more opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other, and create equal opportunities for all Ohio City residents to access resources within the neighborhood. 

How it works:

Groups of three or more Ohio City residents can apply for grant funding of up to $250 to support a project, initiative, or event idea that they have. Eligible projects must take place in the Ohio City neighborhood, and must be open to anyone to participate. Preference will be given to new and diverse project teams, and ideas that demonstrate creative ways to engage community members that are outside of your peer circle. 

Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis in 2 cycles annually (Spring and Fall.) The grant making committee will review all current applications and award funding to projects at three points throughout each cycle;
Spring: March 15th, April 15th, May 15th   Fall: September 15th, October 15th, November 15th

Applications for projects taking place at any time of the year may be submitted during either cycle, as long as grant funds are used within one year of the award date. Submit your completed application to Hattie Kotz at hkotz@ohiocity.org or mail to Ohio City Inc. Attn. Hattie Kotz, 2525 Market Ave. Suite A, Cleveland, OH 44113.

Download the grant application here. Questions? Contact Hattie at hkotz@ohiocity.org 


Goals of the OCI Small Grants Program:

OCI Strategic Plan: “Evolve from ‘outreach’ to ‘engagement’”.

  1. Support resident-led projects and activities that build community and address neighborhood issues.
  2. Encourage new and/or stronger relationships between residents of Ohio City.
  3. Empower residents to take responsibility for building connections and addressing community needs.


The intention of this program is to build community and a stronger neighborhood. We believe this is accomplished through creating opportunities for inclusive interactions. In order to accomplish this goal, we will support activities and events that encourage diversity and inclusion. We hope Ohio City residents will reach outside of their comfort zone, block clubs, blocks, neighbors, and friends to create new connections. 

Equity: OCI wants to create equal opportunity for all Ohio City residents to access resources within the neighborhood. We intend for this process to build awareness of available opportunities and intentionally make these resources available to more residents.

Create welcoming, inclusive spaces: By supporting activities that foster authentic relationships among neighbors and activate public spaces, OCI is hoping to strengthen the fabric of our neighborhood and create more opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other.