Quarterly Safety meetings help keep the community informed

Safety Resources

Please take a moment to read this letter from our Community Safety Organizer to learn more about how we are working to address car break-ins in Ohio City. 


Safety is a top priority for all who live, work, and play in Ohio City. As such, it is also a top priority for Ohio City Incorporated.  OCI has implemented multiple initiatives aimed at addressing community safety in a proactive manner. This begins by recognizing that community safety spans a spectrum, from crime, to infrastructure and quality of life concerns. In addition to the safety initiatives below, OCI strives to empower residents to connect, organize, and explore strategies to make the neighborhood  safer for all. Additionally, Ohio City Incorporated seeks to build a long-term foundation for neighborhood safety by providing economic opportunity, eliminating blight, introducing families to each other, and connecting neighborhood youth to educational, vocational and recreational activities that put them on a path to success.  For more information on Ohio City safety, visit nearwestsafety.org



The Ohio City Safety Camera Initiative is a growing network of cameras placed throughout the neighborhood. Combined with signage, these cameras provide an extra layer of safety by deterring crime and aiding the Second District Police in investigations. Similar safety camera initiatives in other neighborhoods in the City of Cleveland have resulted in a reduction in crime through deterrence and positive feedback from residents. In other instances, safety cameras have documented crimes being committed and led to the successful prosecutions of the perpetrators.

How the Camera Initiative works:

The Camera Initiative relies on the Ohio City Community to be effective. All of our cameras are connected to video recorders that hold the footage for 14 days. In the unfortunate event that you are the victim of, or witness, a crime, follow these steps to request camera footage.

1. File a police report - Filing a police report is essential in order to request camera footage. All of the footage that is requested is sent to the Second District Police Department, and must have a police report number attached to it. If you do not file a police report, we cannot access footage. Many minor crimes and property crimes can be filed online here.

2. Submit a Footage Request Form here. Once this form is submitted, our camera team will examine the footage and determine if there is anything of value regarding the incident. If they find footage, it will be sent directly to the Second District Police Department, to be attached to your case. The only people with access to the footage will be the camera team and the police department. OCI will not release footage to anyone outside of these two entities. The purpose of the camera program is to deter criminals, and aid the police department in their investigations.

Once footage has been submitted, the Second District Police Department handles the investigation. Inquiries into the status of the case should be directed to them.


Ohio City Incorporated, in partnership with the Second District,  will provide free safety audits to residents who are interested in improving their home's security. After completing a safety audit conducted by the Cleveland Police, OCI members* are eligible for reimbursements for 50% of the cost of improvements, up to $250. Safety upgrades can include new locks, doors, windows, lighting or any upgrade suggested by Cleveland Police. Residents make the upgrades themselves and then submit receipts for reimbursement to Ohio City Incorporated.**

*-In order to qualify for the reimbursement portion of the program, residents must be a member of Ohio City Inc. Information regarding free membership can be found at ohiocity.org/membership

**-Multi-family buildings with a common-space entry are only eligible for a single reimbursement, and someone in the building must be a member of Ohio City Inc.

To sign up for a Home Safety Audit, please fill out this form.

For more information regarding the Home Safety Improvement Program, please contact Chad Biggers at cbiggers@nearwestsafety.org or (216) 375-4840



The Ohio City Improvement Corporation envisions a desirable and attractive urban district that encourages people to live, work, study, and play. This is accomplished by facilitating programs, services, and improvements to enhance public safety, attract future investments, and improve the overall vitality of the district.The Market District ambassadors operate up to seven days a week throughout the year maintaining a clean, safe, and attractive environment. They are responsible for removing trash and graffiti, providing safety escorts, addressing panhandling, as well as assisting residents, visitors and merchants.



In response to community feedback requesting better lighting in dark areas of the neighborhood, Ohio City Incorporated installed twelve motion activated, solar powered LED flood lights. These lights are located in poorly lit alleyways, corners and other areas identified by residents as needing more light.  Recognizing the fact that well-lit areas are less attractive places for crime, Ohio City Incorporated will continue to identify dark areas of the neighborhood and improve them by installing quality lighting.



Ohio City Incorporated partners with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors office to engage in court watch. Court Watch is a method of community organizing that advocates for justice and to keep violent criminals off the street. When severe crimes are committed, Ohio City Incorporated will follow the court case and recruit community members to advocate for certain outcomes during court sentencings.



Ohio City Incorporated believes that strong communication is at the core of community safety. OCI uses multiple methods to communicate with the neighborhood regarding safety.

Monthly E-Newsletters:  Chad Biggers, our Community Safety Organizer, has started monthly e-newsletters that contain updates regarding community safety issues, helpful links, and safety tips for everyone in the neighborhood. Sign up to receive this newsletter.

Quarterly Community Safety Meetings: OCI, in partnership with the Ward 3 Councilman’s office, are conducting quarterly community safety meetings to help keep the community informed, as well as to hear what the community’s safety concerns are. The dates for 2018 meetings are: May 15th, August 21st, and October 16th. All Quarterly Community Safety Meetings will be start at 6, and be held at Forest City Brewery 2135 Columbus Road.



For more information on safety programs provided by Ohio City Incorporated, please contact: Chad Biggers, Community Safety Organizer at cbiggers@nearwestsafety.org or (216) 375-4840