Ohio City Merchants Association

The Ohio City Merchant's Association is dedicated to the success and growth of the merchants and artisans that make up our organization as well as with the unique community we reside in.

Meeting time of our regularly scheduled meetings: 2:30pm-4pm on the first Monday of each month at rotating Ohio City Businesses, 2nd Monday if the first falls on a holiday. Want to receive emails about monthly meetings? Email OhioCityMerchants@gmail.com.

As an established group we will:

Unite: We coordinate meetings, projects and special events that bring together and mutually benefit our members and neighborhood.

Inform: We strive to keep our members informed of community meetings, events, concerns and opportunities to best position us for long-term success.

Promote: We serve as the central voice for all Ohio City merchants. We work to promote our members' business interests through local government advocacy and marketing campaigns.

We will work to create a long-term sustainable community that attracts residents and visitors, promotes, supports and retains businesses while nurturing the character and uniqueness of artisans and entrepreneurs that are original to Ohio City.

Ohio City Merchants Board:

Alex Budin, Jukebox
Mark Raymond, The Cleveland Hostel 
Karen Small, Flying Fig 
Brandon Sitler, Urban Orchid 
Katrina Blatt, Malachi House 

Interested in learning more about the Ohio City Merchants Association?
Contact OhioCityMerchants@gmail.com to:

o   Add your business to the Merchant group
o   Suggest an order of business or voice a concern
o   Generally inquire for more information