Timothy Del Papa

    Why Ohio City: I chose to live in Ohio City for several reasons. First of all, I wanted a self-contained, accessible neighborhood with a rich history.  Secondly, I was young, working in a restaurant and the price point of Ohio City was attractive, especially south of Lorain Avenue.

    Favorite place in Ohio City: This may be a cop-out, but my favorite place in Ohio City is the West Side Market. 

    Favorite Season in Ohio City: Fall is my favorite season in Ohio City.  What could be more beautiful and tranquil than a stroll through the Monroe Street Cemetery, looking up at the glorious turning leaves, collecting buckeyes and watching the deer?

    In your opinion what are some best kept secrets about Ohio City:

      The hidden gardens behind many unassuming houses.  Ohio City residents are very creative when it come to utilizing small, confined spaces. 
      The many brick alleys that lend themselves quite well as shortcuts!
      There is PLENTY of parking in the neighborhood.  Park a few blocks from a restaurant or the market.....as you walk, admire the architecture, the gardens.  Think to yourself that Ohio City was built before cars, embracing the idea that this has always been a walking neighborhood!  Drink in the history of the homes, businesses, streets and alleys.
      There are still wonderful properties in the neighborhood waiting for  creative, loving people to buy them....they may not be on W. 25th or Jay, you just need to look deep into the neighborhood.

      What are your favorite West Side Market Stands:

        Vegetables:  DeCaro  (Melissa has not only dandelion greens, but an expressive and unique way of celebrating all of the year's holidays!)
        Meat: Pinzone (Great pork and beef......especially the staples for pasta sauce, like neck bones!)
        Fruit: Calabrese (A genuine "old school" stand, with a few contemporary surprises!)
        Dairy: Irene Dever (Along with great cheese, pierogies, eggs.....the most glowing, genuine smiles in the market!)
        Bakery: Christopher's  (No better breads....and delicious spinach/feta pies!)
        Specialty Items:  Mediterranean Imports (If Gus does not have it, you don't need it!  Make sure you tell him why the French feta is better than the Greek....see what happens!)

        Traditions: Of course, I always look forward to the Home Tour!  This is when all of us can proudly share all of our hard work, both inside and outside of the house.  It also gives us the opportunity to share our beautiful neighborhood with visitors and  catch up with old friends.  Some newer traditions like the Holiday event on Market Avenue is something to look forward to!  With the carriage rides, Christmas trees and cheerful crowds....the neighborhood really gets in the Holiday spirit, with some help from the Christmas Ale!

        Involvement: I am active in the South of Lorain Block Club, working on the Home Tour, working closely with OCI and the Councilman's office.  I think that one of the best ways to be involved and engaged with the neighbor is to support all of the local businesses, be a part of the many cultural offerings, know your neighbors, and  encourage visitors.  We should all gleam with pride that Ohio City is where we choose to live, shop and play!